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  1. What You Can Find on Bayern 1

    Whether you are interested in music, politics, culture or the latest news from the German state of Bavaria, you can find everything on Bayern 1. The radio station is broadcast in all parts of Bavaria on FM, DAB+ and DVB-C and is available on the internet and Deukom. It is the most popular radio station in the state. It also broadcasts the ARD Bundesliga conference on Saturdays. Link to listen to radio Bayern 1 online for free: https://internetradiohoren.de/popmusik/radio-bayern-1/  The station's music selection is diverse and includes folk music, soft rock and rock music. In addition, the station has an Adult Contemporary music format. It also offers information on a variety of topics and gives practical tips on healthy living. The station aims to reach a middle-aged audience. It features the best current songs and regularly features radio legends.  Throughout the day, the station broadcasts local news from various parts of the state. It also broadcasts soccer matches, regional news, and events. At night, the station broadcasts a full programme, which is unmoderated. It is hosted by Thomas Gottschalk, and Fritz Egner. In addition, it features the program "Blaue Couch". This is a talk show that is popular amongst fans of soccer. It is broadcast from 12 to 2 p.m. The station also broadcasts a regional magazine. It features songs and news from the 1970s and 1980s. Occasionally, it also features new pop music. It also broadcasts a sports program, titled "Heute im Stadion". It is a soccer-related show that reports from 3 to 6 p.m.