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  1. Hi, I'm Takahisa

    Hi, I'm Takahisa, I'm English, living in England. I've been a fan of Sonic since i was a child (when sonic 1 first came out) i actually had all the comics, pristine condition, the entire collection (this it was the Archie comics... I dunno, the set with the origin of sonic, and every comic since) when i got older, and my comic collection was complete... my Father just threw them into the trash... i checked, and at the time my loss was a good few Thousand£. now im happy i've found this site. hope to be a regular visiter. also, i make my own images (Sigs/Avatars/Wallpapers) so if my pics get enough interest, i might start to take requests... pm me if you want to chat. I can also be found on the following sites: Owner: www.kosovokidforums.uk.to (My forums) Admin: www.uflix.net (Free TV&Movies) Ex Mod: www.dubcrazy.net / www.animetycoonnet.chatango.net (i was MOD, but turn the position down, as i didn't have to time to spend Staffing.